VAIKA is a full service window furnishing shop that is especially well-versed in creating high-end interiors. Hence, we strive to focus on styles that enhance architecture and reflect the taste of each client.

Working from preliminary design concept through selection of window furnishings and construction, we put an emphasis on excellent communication with the client. Every effort is made to interpret the client's style and personality.

We believe that our clients are our most valuable assets to success. This is the mission of VAIKA.

As the experts in all types of window dressings, it's our job to ensure we're up-to-date with the latest trends and designs. So each season we refresh our range with beautiful new styles, fabrics and patterns.

Whether big and bold or subtle and understated, we work hard to keep at the forefront of interior design, ensuring you always have the perfect range to choose from.

From the person who picks up the phone to the advisor who visits your home, our expert is tailored to make sure your hopes and expectations are not just met, but exceeded every step of the way.

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